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Ihre Expertin für alle Arten von Eiprodukten

Nothing is more sustainable than nature - for example, is there a more perfect packaging than the shell of a chicken egg?

A hen's egg consists of 15% shell, 58% egg white and 27% egg yolk. In the course of our egg product production, huge quantities of eggshells accumulate every day. They consist of 90% calcium carbonate, 27 micronutrients and ash.

Use this valuable eggshell as a source of calcium carbonate. The application possibilities are manifold:

  • Single feed for increased calcium requirements
  • Supplementary feed
  • Fertiliser
  • Building materials (cement production)
  • Plastics
  • E170 additive
  • Wall paints (lime absorbs water and prevents mould growth)
  • Bedding in stables (for use in cubicles instead of limestone)
  • Electrodes
  • Home remedy snail deterrent

Info: The eggshell powder is still new in our assortment. The delivery will be done by our partner OVOPOL as a direct business with you. Due to Covid -19 there is a huge interest in our shells. We therefore deliver them for now only in 500 kg Bigbags and full truck loads.