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We only work with selected suppliers.

Let us introduce our main suppliers in Europe and from the third country:

OVOPOL SP.z.o.o.

Quality, sustainability and innovation. A company with a long tradition and a vision for the future. The 

supplier for the full range of chicken egg powder.

OVOPOL Sp.z.o.o. stands for many years of experience in the production of egg products. Founded as a state-owned company in 1951, it was privatised in 1997. Continuous investments in modern technology and the development of new products are the basis for a constant increase in production. A second production site was opened in 2016 with latest technology for egg production. Internationally valid certifications make it possible to open up more and more new markets. In Europe, OVOPOL is one of the market leaders. Currently, OVOPOL products are used in 51 countries for the production of high-quality food. Are you one of them? If not, take a look at the OVOPOL website at


The specialist for high-quality egg powder.

Founded in 1993 with the aim of producing exclusively high-quality chicken egg white powder for a wide range of applications. All qualities are offered in the following housing types: enriched cages, floor, floor KAT, floor Agrovet, free-range and organic. On request also with Halal or Kosher certificate.

Each producer has its own production methods and production secrets. GF Ovodry is probably the only producer whose heat chamber was designed according to their own ideas and designs. An almost automated production process allows for a high degree of standardization of the products. The focus on the production of chicken egg white powder facilitates a customer-specific selection of products. For more information, visit

JSC Groward Group

Our partner for liquid products.

A still young company from Lithuania with a lot of power and ideas. As an additional supplier, Groward Group is a plus point in terms of risk management, if only because of its geographical location. Excellent goods combined with good service also speak for themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to present Groward Group in detail. You can find further information at


A young company with vision - everything from one source - our supplier for third country goods.

Founded in 2008 with the idea of building an integrative company that is responsible for every step in the production of egg powder. Starting with their own feed mill, through the chick farm, laying hen houses, to the automatic transport of the eggs to the sorting plant, from where they are then taken directly to the egg product factory and processed. State-of-the-art machinery is used to produce egg products of the highest quality in a controlled process. There are very few egg product manufacturers that offer such a closed system.
Products from Argentina show the unique way in which the vegetable protein of the grain is converted into the animal protein of the egg through a complex process sequence. For more information, visit the website  

Info: We would be happy to present our options for third-country goods from the USA with USDA certification to you in a personal meeting.