EGGspert4u e.K.                

Ihre Expertin für alle Arten von Eiprodukten

Eggs and egg products - basic food for industrial processing

EGGspert4u the name says it all.

The global egg products market is complex. We help you to understand it and to optimize the costs of your raw materials, because good purchasing is also a question of timing.

Our EGGspert Susann Sattkowski has been working in the egg products sector for more than 20 years.She is a real specialist for eggs, egg powders and egg markets EGGspert4u e.K stands for:

  • Short decision-making channels
  • German speaking contact persons
  • Completely transparent working method
  • Direct business/ direct invoicing of supplier to customer
  • Direct discussions between customer and supplier possible at any time
  • No additional costs due to double transports, warehousing or insurances
  • Consistent advice
  • Effective price negotiations