Our credo is to offer everyone the right egg (product).

This is how we achieve the proverbial 'yellow of the egg' for our customers

Requirements for the properties can be: 

  • Requirements on functionality as solubitiy, gelstrengh or foam building...
  • Requirements for husbandary condtions and certifications
  • Shelflive and storage
  • palette types
  • Delivery quantities: by the bag, cartons, bigbags to shiploads

Raw materials and additives: 

From 'A' for apple acid to 'Z' for sugar, we work with suppliers of food additives, types of sugar, sweeteners and sugard, colourings, flavourings, fruit juice concentrates and spices, as well as caffeine, mangesium, taurine etc.

Are you usure whether we can procure your desired raw materials / additives? Use the contact button and enquire directly with the EGGspert.